Lake Kawaguchiko

Your in Tokyo and you want to get a fantastic view of the iconic snow-capped active volcano names Mt Fuji, then Lake Kawaguchiko is the place to go.
You can see Fuji from numerous spots but Lake Kawaguchiko offered the best balance between ease of access and things to do when you arrive at the location.

How to get to Lake Kawaguchiko

Getting to Lake Kawaguchiko is pretty straight forward. Get the Shinkansen to Otsuki then board the Fujikyu Railway to Kawaguchiko Station. We recommend you pick up an express ticket from Otsuki and make sure to sit on the left side of the carriage for some epic views of Mt Fuji.

Lake Kawaguchiko boat tour & Kachi Kachi Ropeway

Once you arrive at Kawaguchiko, stock up on snacks at the station then either hop on the bus to the lake side or take a short walk. Once at the lake there is the option to board a short ten minute boat tour of the lake from which you will be able to gaze upon Fuji.
Also make sure to take the Kachi Kachi Ropeway (Signs to the entrance will be visible from the lake side) up Mount Mitsutoge. From this vantage point you will have an un-obstructed view of Mt Fuji as well an areal viewpoint of the surrounding area.

Chureito Pagoda 

For another iconic view of Mt Fuji hop on the train (10 minutes) from Kawaguchiko station to Shimo-Yoshida Station. For the view of the Chureito Pagoda with Mt Fuji in the background walk an additional ten minutes up the hill. The warned, the trip up to the top is pretty steep so be prepared for lots of steps.


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