During Japan’s Edo Period (1603-1867), Nagasaki was an important trade city and was one of the only ports open to restricted foreign traders. However, Nagasaki may be best known for being the location of the worlds last nuclear bomb attack during WW2. Since this event Nagasaki and indeed Hiroshima have been rebuilt into modern cities and have become a popular destination of visitors to come and learn more about the cities history.

To commemorate the event of August 9th 1945, the Nagasaki peace park was created. A peace statue watches over the park as visitors from all of the world come to pay their respects to the tens of thousands of the cities inhabitants that were killed as a result of the blast. Located close to the Nagasaki peace park is the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum which serves as a stark reminder why our world should be rid of nuclear weapons. Also in the vicinity you will find the Hypocenter park which is the location of where the nuclear bomb dropped in 1945.

Mount Inasa (Inasayama) is one of the main attractions in Nagasaki. With a summit of 333 meters, Mount Inasa can be hiked or reached by ropeway. The view from Mount Inasa at night has been elected to be one of Japan’s best night views alongside Mount Hakodate and Mount Rokko.

The Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum is also worth visiting during your time in Nagasaki. Designed by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the design of the building as won numerous awards including the Marble Architecture Award from Italy in 2005. The rooftop of the art museum has a beautiful garden and provides a panoramic view of the Nagasaki port and Seaside park.

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