After Seoul, Busan is South Korea’s most popular destination for tourists and naturally one of the first questions which comes to mind is, “Where is the best area to stay.”

There are two main areas to book a hotel or Airbnb in Busan, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

Haeundae Beach Area:

The Haeundae Area is jam-packed full of hotels varying in price and quality. Haeundae is host to one of Korea’s most famous beaches.

While Haeundae Beach is pretty far from the City centre and Busan’s other places of interest, it is close to the Dongbaek Island and the iconic Haedong Yonggung Temple, which is Busan’s most beautiful spot.

The town near the beach is pretty forgettable however, several decent eateries and cafes do line the beach.

All in all the Haeundae Beach Area is a nice spot if you are in Busan to relax however, is your time in the city is short we advise to stay in the city centre.

Seomyeon Area

Seomyeon is Busan’s city centre and its busiest area. While you are over ten stops away from the beach, you will be able  to travel to the majority of Busan’s top attractions (Nampo-dong, Jagalchi, Gwangalli Beach, Shinsegae Dept Store, Haeundae Beach and Dongnae.) without changing subway lines. You are also close to the Gamcheon Culture Village which is worth a visit.

Furthermore, you will have a vast selection of restaurants and cafes to visit as well. If night life is high up on your agenda then Seomyeon is the area for you in Busan.


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