Leo Villareal to Artistically illuminate London River Thames Bridges 

London’s 17 bridges are set for a colourful makeover curtsy of a a £20m project by Leo Villareal.

Leo Villareal is an American artist living and working in New York City. The artist previously lit up the iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge.


Along with British architects and urban planners Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, Leo Villareal has been commissioned to build permanent light displays. The display will span for 17 bridges along the River Thames for six miles – from Tower Bridge in the east to Albert Bridge in the west.


The installations will be one of the United Kingdom’s largest ever commissioned public art projects, costing a massive £20 million.

The New York based artist is proposing to build software which will monitor and respond to ebbs and flows of the river and pedestrians to create a “rhythm of light.”

Leo Villareal’s previous instalment on the San Francisco Bay Bridge ran for two years and was revived this year permanently element due to its popularity.

“The whole team shares a belief in the power of large-scale public culture and art to enrich our cities,” Villareal stated after being selected. He also went onto state that he was both “delighted and humbled” that the jury chose his team’s vision.

The recently elected Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has also pledged his support to the scheme stating that shows how London inspires creatives from around the world.

“We saw an incredible response to this fascinating competition, showing that London continues to inspire creatives from around the globe, and is open to all, Sadiq Khan stated when asked about the project.

When will Leo Villareal’s project go live:

Leo Villareal’s and his team will spend 2017 studying the river and listening to Londoners as they develop their project. The “rhythm of light” is expected to launch mid-way though 2018.


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