There are many different types of accommodation that you may wish to consider for your next trip to Japan. Whether you choose a western hotel that comes with the usual amenities or wish to try a more traditional style of Japanese accommodation, you will be spoilt for choice. Japan has accommodation to suit any budget and some that offer very unique experiences which we will explore in this article.

Western style hotels

There are countless western style hotels across Japan including the usual international chains such as the Intercontinental. Japan also has many of its own home grown chains that may offer more value for your money.

Hotel Metropolitan is a popular chain that is worth considering as it is owned by Japan Rail East. The chain offers very high quality accommodation often located inside or very close to major city stations across Japan which make them very convenient for travellers. These hotels will offer everything that you would expect and perhaps a few things that you wouldn’t such as a toilet with more options and settings than your microwave!

Business Hotels

If you want a simple no frills hotel, then hotel chains such as APA can be found across Japan. Business hotels offer a solid basic room with everything you need to get by on a budget. You will almost certainly have all of the basic amenities that you would expect including toothpaste, the internet and a television if you are brave enough to turn it on as Japanese television can be an experience in itself!

If you can find a business hotel close to a major train station in Japan, then this maybe the perfect combination to setup base, travel to prefectures in the surrounding region and come back home to your same room each night all on a budget.

Japanese style – Ryokan

If you are after something a little more traditional for your stay in Japan then you may consider to stay in a ryokan which is a Japanese style inn or room. Many hotel chains across Japan such as the Metropolitan offer both western and Japanese styles of room within the same hotel so this is also an option if there are no ryokans where you are staying.

Ryokan’s can be found all over Japan and are a fantastic way to experience a traditional Japanese lifestyle. You will be shown hospitality worthy of the emperor himself which will make leaving the Ryokan all the more difficult.

Your ryokan room will typically have tatami floor throughout, futon style beds and some will even have an onsen which is the Japanese word for hot spring. Onsen’s are the perfect compliment to a ryokan experience so be sure to add this to your todo list for your stay in Japan.

Capsule Hotel

Japan is also home to the capsule hotel where you have a small unit often only big enough for a mattress, tv and alarm clock.

Capsule hotels are typically used by businessmen who are staying in a city on a business trip overnight, however as can be significantly cheaper than a hotel room, they have proved to be popular with travelers or even those just on a night out.

Love Hotel

If you are after something a little more different from your stay in Japan then why not stay in one of the many themed hotels across Japan. Love hotels are perhaps the most popular type of themed hotel and can be rented for a few hours or for an overnight stay for you and your loved one. Love hotels offer privacy to the point where you don’t even see the receptionist to select your room. In fact you are unlikely to see any other human beings during your stay!

Once your in the room of your love hotel, you can order items such as themed costumes for you and your partner and you can collect or can be delivered to your room all without the shame, great huh?

Regardless of where you stay in Japan, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be staying in clean and safe accommodation. Japan is renowned for its hospitality and the staff of wherever you stay will do their upmost to make you feel at home.


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