Japan is blessed with a wonderful climate where you can have a completely different type of trip depending when and where you go. North of Japan in places such as Hokkaido during the winter months has a high rate of snowfall which makes it for winter sports such as skiing or  you can go further south where the temperatures will generally be higher.

April is considered to be the best time to visit Japan as Japan’s Cherry Blossom season is in full swing. The temperature is generally very mild across Japan with the exception of Hokkaido and Okinawa and most of the days are sunny. Be warned, this is a very popular time for tourists due to the Cherry Blossom season, Japan’s Golden Week shopping sales and because of school holidays which start in the second half of March. Early March or late May may be a better option to visit to ensure you just skip the busy part of the travel season. The temperature in May is generally very pleasant and comes before Japan’s rainy season which starts in June (with the exception of Okinawa which starts in May).

Japan’s tycoon reaches its peak between August and September however October and November are also considered to be a very good time to visit Japan. In October, Japan will generally have modest temperatures between 13-18C and in November the Autumn colours will start to come through. Districts such Arashiyama in Kyoto look particularly stunning with the Autumn colours surrounding the Togetsukyō Bridge on the mountainous backdrop.

Ultimately the best time to visit Japan is whenever you are free to go, just be sure to pack accordingly! Leave your umbrella at home as you can conveniently pick one up at one of Japan’s convenient stores while your on the go. For a more detailed look at Japan’s weather over each month, check out Japan Guide’s on when to travel to Japan here.  


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