China has been transforming at an unprecedented rate over the last decade as it looks to improve the standard of living for its citizens and increase its presence on the world stage. Investments in mega projects have strengthened the countries influence in the region and the west has taken notice.

China is also investing outside of its own borders to form the new ‘Silk Road’ which when complete will make it easier than ever before for China to transport its goods into the heart of Europe. With China’s eye on the future, it is seemly inevitable that they will take the USA’s spot as the world’s largest economy.

Projects such as China’s high-speed rail network have been progressing at pace and will eventually provide easy access to every corner of its land. China’s high-speed rail network is similar to that of Japan’s Shinkansen in both quality and speed. Many countries have been impressed with how fast China has been able to implement its high-speed rail service and have expressed interest in outsourcing China’s rail technology.

China’s recent ascension, however, is largely attributed to its current leader President Xi Jinping who has proved to be Chinas most powerful leader since Chairman Mao. China is going through a new golden age under President Xi’s leadership as the country continues to modernise at an unprecedented rate.

One major factor that has attributed to China’s growth is technology companies in China have been allowed to thrive as long as they comply with the government checks and balances. Homegrown Chinese companies such as Ali Baba and Tencent have become multibillion-dollar organisations and are inspiring the next generation of Chinese entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses. International companies such as Apple have started to increase their presence in China, however, they also must comply with the government’s wishes.

Outside of China, President Xi Jinping has significantly improved relations with the international community. The president has met the majority of the world’s leaders during his time in the office including President Trump.  The UK’s relations with China have increased as many major trade deals have been agreed, not to mention the development of the Chinese designed Nuclear Power Plant in Hinkley.

President Xi in his childhood years was raised through rural hardship and it has had a visible influence on his political views. Xi has set China the ambitious target of eradicating rural poverty by 2020. In 2017, China’s government relocated 750,000 people from Guizhou to over 3600 new locations to provide many with running water for the first time.

The presidents strive for improving the lives of its own citizens has won him the support of the people who have long sought a leader that could make a difference in their lives. Perhaps China’s transformation will provide a template for other regions of the world as they look to overcome challenges of their own.


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