So you have just brought your new £1000 iPhone X or iPhone 8. It already comes with a perfectly capable charger in the box however you’ve heard that both phones are capable of ‘fast-charging’ and yet you have noticed no difference. Apple’s latest iPhones are capable of charging back up to 50% in 30 minutes however Apple doesn’t include the USB cable or wall charger plug that you need to achieve these speeds in the box!

So what do you need? First you need a USB-C PD to Lightning port cable which is a USB cable that is capable of power delivery to your device. Remember all USB-C to Lightening port cables are not created equally so be sure the one you purchase says that it is compatible with fast charging the new iPhone. Secondly you’ll need a USB-C PD wall adapter such as the 29W, 61W or 87W charges that come with Apple’s MacBook or MacBook Pro 13 and 15″s.

It is very disappointing that Apple chose not to include this cable or wall plug in the box, given the already expensive iPhone package. An alternative to fast charge is to use a 2.4amp wall charger such as the one that comes with an iPad as this will also outpace the charger that comes in the iPhone box.


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