The Garmin Vivosport is the update to the popular activity tracker Vivosmart 3. The change in name is a welcome one as Garmin aims to simplify its product lineup and the tracker comes with some key upgrades to make it an all round worthy upgrade to its predecessor. The first notable change is the addition of a colour screen in the Vivosport. The Vivosmart 3 featured a clear monochrome screen which worked well in sunlight however the colour screen does well in improving the user experience with the tracker. Not only is the screen now colour, the display is now always on, meaning no more flicking your wrist in a robotic way to wake the screen. GPS has also been added to the Vivosport to make it a very formidable tracker when you go out for your run.

Whats most impressive about the Vivosport is that the addition of this features hasn’t come at the expense of the trackers slim profile or battery life. Garmin claim the battery life on the Vivosport will last up to 7 days however in reality this will be dependant on your settings and how often you use the GPS functionality. We expect the Vivosmart will last the average user between 4-5 days which is still significant compared to smartwatches such as the Apple Watch. The Garmin Vivosport comes with Garmin Connect which is Garmin’s mobile and web app. Garmin Connect works well and helps you see an overview of your current fitness statistics and set challenges against your friends with Garmin devices. The Garmin Vivosport is available now in a choice of 3 colours from all major retailers including Amazon.


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