The Sonos One is the 2017 update to the popular Sonos Play One speaker which has come to the market at a time where voice controlled speakers are really starting to take off. Cheaper voice controlled speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home are available at competitive price points which make them more affordable to buy for every room in your home however, they come at the expensive of audio quality.

Sonos has a long standing reputation for their relentless focus on audio quality. So much infact that their speaker lineup doesn’t even include a bluetooth connection to link the speakers to your devices. Instead Sonos only stream your music through your homes wifi connection and for the time being and can only be controlled from the official Sonos app which integrates with services from most major streaming services including Apple Music. In 2018, Sonos plans to enable native playback from Spotify and better still, allow your Sonos speakers to work directly with Apple AirPlay 2, allowing you to stream any audio from your iOS or Mac device to the speakers.

The design of the new Sonos One replaces the play/pause button of the original Play One with capacitive touch buttons, similar to Sono’s Play 5 and Playbase. There is also a microphone icon that acts as a toggle to prevent the speaker from listening when you say the Alexa command. The microphone is also hardwired to an LED light so you know exactly when the microphone is enabled for privacy reasons. The Sonos One is now humidity resistant however it is not fully weather sealed such the Bose SoundLink Colour 2 speaker. This means the speaker will be fine in a bathroom for example, as long as it doesn’t get wet and that you have a power socket to plug the speaker into.

The music quality on the Sonos One is best in class for a speaker of its size. If you liked how the original Play One sounded, then you will feel right at home with the new One speaker. Two Sonos One’s can be paired to create a stereo setup but currently you cannot connect a Play One and One in this way, despite them being very similar speakers. Sonos promises to rollout updates to ensure the speakers evolve along with Amazon’s Alexa as the voice assistants capabilities grow. The Sonos One will also work with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri in 2018, making the Sonos One a very attractive proposition for now and for years to come.


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