Sony A6000 review – Three years on, Is it still worth it

Sony A6000 review: In the era of Instagram, VSCO and Facebook, photography has become easily accessible to amateurs and aspiring professionals alike, the Sony A6000 is perfect example of just why.

Mirrorless cameras such as the A6000 match DSLRs in the image quality department as well as features – not only that but they are also allot more affordable.

I have been using the Sony a6000 for over a year now and it is small, lightweight body and costs less than £500.

The A6000 is slightly behind the curve at this stage with both the A6300 and A6500 hitting the markets in 2016 however, it serves as a perfect entry point for anybody interested in taking awesome photos.

I should state that this review is purely based on my personal use of the A6000 and will not include a wave of technical stats or pointless lab test photos.

Size & weight

The first thing you will notice about the Sony A6000 is its small size and light weight. Depending on the lens mounted, the camera can fit into a winter coats pocket with ease or hand held all day without tiring your arm.

The best thing about the camera is the quality it outputs compared to it’s size and weight. This means your never think twice about bringing it along with you and as the famous saying goes, ‘the best camera is the one you have on you at the time.

In terms of travel the A6000 is a prefect companion – once again -due to its weight and size.

Is it weather sealed, no but I’ve used the camera under hot, wet and humid conditions in Japan, in the high heat of summer in Turkey as well as in the freezing Toronto winter without issue.

The A6000 is by no means ugly but doesn’t have the classic look of a Fuji system. However, it is solid in the hand and easy to navigate with its simple button placement on the back panel.

Features of product

The Sony A6000 is a Mirrorless camera – which basically means are seeing exactly what your cameras sensor will capture, unlike classic DSLR’s – which is a huge advantage in my experience.

Sony also decided to include an articulating led on the back which is extremely useful when taking photos from low or high vantage points. Unfortunately the screen does not fully articulate which could be a negative for those of you planning to use the A6000 for Vlogs.


Despite the Sony A6000 being priced as an entry level camera, your be pleasantly surprised at the quality of photos it outputs and is capable of producing images which can be printed as big as 30″ x 20″.


The Fujifilm X-T20, Olympus OM-D E-M10 serve as direct competition to the A6000 in terms of price and size and both deserve a good look before delving into the Sony lineup.


At just £500 from Amazon, its hard to argue against buying an A600 if you are interested in taking your photography a step further. Neither the A6300 or A6500 have blockbuster features which will make a noticeable difference with your photography making.


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