After a year and half of using a Sony A6000 it was time to take a step forward in my photography and upgrade.

I thought long and hard about my next step and came within moments of purchasing the A6500 but decided to consider other options after remembering my frustrations with Sony, the lack of lenses.

My attention was drawn towards the Fuji xPro2 with its rangefinder style body which resembled the a6000.

After a quick play with the x-Pro2 in a camera store I was sold. The ability to change the three main components of photography – Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO with dials rather than going though menus struck a cord with me immediately.

Furthermore, the lens lineup on the X-Pro2 is far superior and more affordable than those available on the Sony mirrorless lineup. For example, the only 24mm available on the Sony a6500 costs upwards of £800 and is a hefty unit. Compare that to the Fujifilm 23mm f2 which is small, water-resistant and only costs £400.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means saying the Sony mirrorless range isn’t good because they are great, in-fact if your into video then the Sony line-up will be much more suited to your needs!

I took my Fuji XPro2 for a three-month expedition across Japan to fully test out the unit. The camera survived heavy rainfall, drops, mud and general rough treatment and came out the other-side working perfectly.

The image quality is exceptional, as is the dynamic range when it comes to editing in Lightroom. While i shoot all my photos in Raw format, you have the option to add Fuji’s film simulation in post production too.

Head over to my Instagram page to check out some of the photos I took during my time in Japan using the XPro2.

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