Supreme have finally dropped their collaboration with Akira following months of rumours  circulating the web.

Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo recently revealed that he had been working alongside Supreme on a new project several months ago while interviewed at Tokyo’s GALLERY X BY PARCO.

Otomo stated that he previously turned down multiple offers to work with the brand before finally agreed to the co-branded an Akira project with Supreme.

Akira is an iconic a Japanese manga series and anime movie created which depicts a post-World War III world where Tokyo was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. The series was launched back in 1982, while the anime movie was released in 1988.

Otomo vision of a dystopian/post-apocalyptic future word inspired numerous Hollywood movies and future anime series.

The collaboration between Supreme and Akira includes attire that feature original artwork from the manga series.

The Supreme x Akira collection in currently available online and in London ‘s Soho branch.


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